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Description of the Apple iPhone 11 64GB Black


NB! Due to new policies at Apple, earphones and charger may not be included in the box.


The Apple iPhone 11 Black belongs to the trio of iPhones that were presented in September 2019. It is the most affordable of the bunch and with 64GB of internal storage you can see this device as the entry-level. The screen is a 6.1 inch variant, with a high resolution and a notch at the top.


This is necessary for the various sensors to use Face ID facial recognition and the front cam. This device has the new Apple A13 processor and a double camera on the back. Charging is fast via a cable, but can also be done wirelessly and in terms of software, iOS 13 is pre-installed.


6.1 inch screen with notch


This black device from Apple is equipped with a screen with a diagonal of 6.1 inches. This makes it easy to watch a movie, check the website or enjoy the photos you take. There is also a notch, located at the top of the screen, the place for various sensors.


One front cam, two cameras on the back


In the field of the camera, Apple has again innovated compared to its predecessor. Of course, there is a front cam for selfies or video calling. Unlike its predecessor, the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 has a dual camera on the back.

With the 12 megapixel main camera, you can take sharp photos in many different situations. This smartphone also has a wide-angle lens. With this lens you can capture a broader subject. Think of a group photo, a landscape or a building!


Fast processor from Apple itself


This iPhone 11 64GB Black is equipped with a processor developed by Apple itself. This Apple A13 chip is a lot faster, but also more energy efficient than the chips from previous generations. All in all, an ideal combination that allows you to do whatever you want all day long!


Facial recognition via Face ID


This Apple device is also equipped with a set of advanced sensors on the front. These are hidden in the notch and are necessary to use secure Face ID. This form of facial protection also works in poor lighting conditions, which is of course very useful.


Storage of 64GB


Apple has also chosen not to add a memory card slot to this device. So you have a maximum of 64GB of storage to install your apps, but also to store your photos or music. Of course you can opt for cloud services such as iCloud or Dropbox to store content.


Glass housing


In terms of materials for this device, a combination of glass and metal was chosen. The latter offers another advantage in addition to a premium appearance. It is possible to charge this device wirelessly, which is easy by placing the iPhone 11 on a correct charging mat.


Nice software: iOS 13


Together with this new iPhone, Apple has also released iOS 13, the company's well-known software that runs on smartphones. All kinds of tweaks have been implemented and a dark mode has also been added. This is especially good for the eyes in the evening, which gives them more rest before going to sleep.

Apple iPhone 11 64GB Black

Excluding VAT
  • Specifications Apple iPhone 11 64GB Black

    150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3mm

    194 grams

    6.1 inches

    1792x828 pixels

    4096 MB RAM

    Hexa core processor

    4G internet


    Version at release: 13

    12 megapixels

    4k video

    64GB storage



    Suitable for all providers

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