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The Samsung Galaxy S23 in black guarantees an inimitable user experience with its high-quality technology. Its 6.1 inch (15.4 cm) AMOLED display treats you to a visual spectacle of top quality, while the impressive trio of rear cameras allows you to capture everything down to the last detail.

Top quality visuals

The Galaxy S23 always offers you top-notch viewing pleasure with its 6.1 inch (15.4 cm) AMOLED display. The high resolution of 2340 by 1080 pixels displays every detail in great detail, while the screen seems to extend from corner to corner due to its narrow edges. The high refresh rate of 120 Hz allows you to seamlessly switch between apps and scroll through your social media. Wherever you are, because the screen reflects a minimum of light. This way everything remains clearly visible outdoors.

Samsung galaxy S23

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